This is my room now

This is my room now.  I need to empty it.  All those words in all those diaries and all those stories like refrigerator magnets and puzzles they break apart like un-diagrammable sentences Crowding the room with random utterances Piling up like walls of word matter newspaper strips coated in wheat paste, clinging to this balloonContinue reading “This is my room now”

I just endure

I just endure she says blithely to an empty room, testing the sound before she writes it down. Invisible injuries, intimate betrayals hurt like the physical searing, nestled-in lingering pain of broken bones Will her legacy be a lifetime of word craft or days misspent on the whiny tidbits tucked in that lonely smart girl’sContinue reading “I just endure”

The Vapid Magician

Heavy ham fisted sleight of hand Asked to unsee the visible See the unseen The vapid magician elicits oohs and aahs from the willfully ignorant Governance is a tawdry sham Over-coiffed Under-principled He is stealing you blind And you lap it up in the darkness and hear only lies. Prestidigitation Nation It’s ripe, pick it.Continue reading “The Vapid Magician”

Empathy is not obsolete

I don’t care for International Women’s Day It should be a celebration not celebrated. We don’t need a special day, We need the other 364 back. I would write a letter to the president but everybody knows he doesn’t read, not even a teleprompter. There are other presidents, in other countries Who do not actContinue reading “Empathy is not obsolete”

The Movies – a poem

Media Conglomerates Nameless, faceless, blue-suited, briefcased pomaeded peacocks Strut the streets, stepping out of their sleek status symbols Imperviously impersonal market managers pinpoint precisely the price of slaves And dictate the desires of last year’s average family While producing carefully calculated demographically unassailable unpalatable Boxed DVD sets of Soylent Green and other statistically sterile offspring

Hair of the Dog – a poem

Distilled spirits Calm familiar It’s that first bite Clear cold and tight Hair of the dog that bit me Always pictured that literally, visually Unhappy Beast With claws Tamped down for cause She detests She protests Hurls invective inventive insults Incompetence abounds Forced to attend the Stupid Olympics Wherein everybody loses When everybody wins, sheContinue reading “Hair of the Dog – a poem”

Carrying You in my Pocket – a poem

Carrying you in my pocket means You need to scooch over to make room for my chilled hand. Worry beads, rosaries, pebbles and jade have all made way. Like a stone in my pocket, you soothe. Like a stone in my shoe, you impede. Like a stone in my kidey, you hurt. Like a stoneContinue reading “Carrying You in my Pocket – a poem”