The Binary Code of Sensory Input

What I imagined just before going to sleep last night was a funnel whose interior, the entire surface was splashed with constantly upstreaming ones and zeroes, i’s and o’s.  Every digital image, every television show, the music we hear, the images we see, all composed of an endless flow of infinite combinations of on and offContinue reading “The Binary Code of Sensory Input”

Halloween hopes

The worst job of all has gotta be Director of the Justice Department’s Ethics Office in 2020.  When the Attorney General is pointed at political enemies like a big fat cannon and retaliation is handed out like Halloween candy to earnest citizens, the complaints must be voluminous.  This year’s Trick or Treat entreaty elicits nothingContinue reading “Halloween hopes”

Aunt Mary’s Mask

My Aunt Mary and Dolly Parton had something in common; they never left home without their “war paint” on.  Pond’s cold cream and Oil of Olay – goop on, goop off.   Gluing on false eyelashes and curling the ones she had, applying foundations, powder for the shiny spots, rouge to add color to the cheeks she justContinue reading “Aunt Mary’s Mask”

Where do you store your grief?

What body part stores my grief? I dunno, maybe it’s my feet.  By best friend Bernice has a theory about injuries and maladies.  That they illustrate a spiritual need that’s not being met.  So, I keep breaking/wounding my feet and ankles these last few months.  Go ahead, find the parallel, the symbolism of foot problems while Sheltering In Place.  I’llContinue reading “Where do you store your grief?”