This is my room now

This is my room now.  I need to empty it.  All those words in all those diaries and all those stories like refrigerator magnets and puzzles they break apart like un-diagrammable sentences Crowding the room with random utterances Piling up like walls of word matter newspaper strips coated in wheat paste, clinging to this balloonContinue reading “This is my room now”

White Ginger Breath

My favorite flower is white ginger.It has delicate white blossoms that pack a wallop of a scent.  When woven into a lei, the wearer can sit next to the hygienically challenged and not even know it – like a halo of perfumed drapery, wear it near your nose, you will not be sorry.   My favorite HawaiianContinue reading “White Ginger Breath”

Quarantine Quarry

These new pets that live in our backyard and sometimes in my office – they’re photobombing my Zoom Room, and we all love it.  Offices in stalwart buildings would never allow that. The Gingers play in a Quarantine Quarry, jumping from rock precipices, allowing themselves to be momentarily captured for snuggles.  Something carried in myContinue reading “Quarantine Quarry”

The Vapid Magician

Heavy ham fisted sleight of hand Asked to unsee the visible See the unseen The vapid magician elicits oohs and aahs from the willfully ignorant Governance is a tawdry sham Over-coiffed Under-principled He is stealing you blind And you lap it up in the darkness and hear only lies. Prestidigitation Nation It’s ripe, pick it.Continue reading “The Vapid Magician”