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Cost of Justice

There are no winners and losers in Justice.Winner NEVER takes all.  True justice cannot be bought, but everyone pays a price to see it done.  Yes, I will risk my livelihood.  Yes, I will risk my material comfort.  I shouldn’t have to, but sometimes, the bad guys get the upper hand, and the terrible costContinue reading “Cost of Justice”

The Know-Nothings and Hate

In the mid 1850’s The Know-Nothings whose formal name was the American Party, founded a branch in San Francisco. Seriously, a more apt name for a pro-slavery party could not be imagined. John Brown’s body lies a moulderin’ in the grave… The poison of dehumanization isn’t over, hate did not disappear with Emancipation and UniversalContinue reading “The Know-Nothings and Hate”

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