Empathy is not obsolete

I don’t care for International Women’s Day It should be a celebration not celebrated. We don’t need a special day, We need the other 364 back. I would write a letter to the president but everybody knows he doesn’t read, not even a teleprompter. There are other presidents, in other countries Who do not actContinue reading “Empathy is not obsolete”

The Movies – a poem

Media Conglomerates Nameless, faceless, blue-suited, briefcased pomaeded peacocks Strut the streets, stepping out of their sleek status symbols Imperviously impersonal market managers pinpoint precisely the price of slaves And dictate the desires of last year’s average family While producing carefully calculated demographically unassailable unpalatable Boxed DVD sets of Soylent Green and other statistically sterile offspring

The Know-Nothings and Hate

In the mid 1850’s The Know-Nothings whose formal name was the American Party, founded a branch in San Francisco. Seriously, a more apt name for a pro-slavery party could not be imagined. John Brown’s body lies a moulderin’ in the grave… The poison of dehumanization isn’t over, hate did not disappear with Emancipation and UniversalContinue reading “The Know-Nothings and Hate”

Hair of the Dog – a poem

Distilled spirits Calm familiar It’s that first bite Clear cold and tight Hair of the dog that bit me Always pictured that literally, visually Unhappy Beast With claws Tamped down for cause She detests She protests Hurls invective inventive insults Incompetence abounds Forced to attend the Stupid Olympics Wherein everybody loses When everybody wins, sheContinue reading “Hair of the Dog – a poem”

My mother in this place

My mother in this place rests in the dabs and strokes of her Three Volcano painting. Rescued from oblivion and an evil stepfather who tried to drown the very idea of her. I cleaned it with moistened cotton swabs, gently washing tobacco smoke and dust decades old. My mother in this place drips red andContinue reading “My mother in this place”