Halloween hopes

The worst job of all has gotta be Director of the Justice Department’s Ethics Office in 2020.  When the Attorney General is pointed at political enemies like a big fat cannon and retaliation is handed out like Halloween candy to earnest citizens, the complaints must be voluminous.  This year’s Trick or Treat entreaty elicits nothingContinue reading “Halloween hopes”

This is my room now

This is my room now.  I need to empty it.  All those words in all those diaries and all those stories like refrigerator magnets and puzzles they break apart like un-diagrammable sentences Crowding the room with random utterances Piling up like walls of word matter newspaper strips coated in wheat paste, clinging to this balloonContinue reading “This is my room now”

White Ginger Breath

My favorite flower is white ginger.It has delicate white blossoms that pack a wallop of a scent.  When woven into a lei, the wearer can sit next to the hygienically challenged and not even know it – like a halo of perfumed drapery, wear it near your nose, you will not be sorry.   My favorite HawaiianContinue reading “White Ginger Breath”

Read “The Night Swim”

The Night Swim by Megan Goldin My rating: 5 of 5 stars Beautifully crafted and deeply moving, this is a story for our times, and hopefully, we will all learn from its brave protaganists Rachel Krall and Hannah Stills. The dialogue is artfully woven between scripts of Rachel’s podcast (in a different font) and theContinue reading “Read “The Night Swim””