Send me a Box of Rain

On this day I am walking into rooms and forgetting why I came, walking in circles, finding irony where one was intended.  Last week, some yahoo named Michael Caputo took a leave of absence from his phony baloney job as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, which wouldn’t normally transition to a slice of rock and rollContinue reading “Send me a Box of Rain”

White Ginger Breath

My favorite flower is white ginger.It has delicate white blossoms that pack a wallop of a scent.  When woven into a lei, the wearer can sit next to the hygienically challenged and not even know it – like a halo of perfumed drapery, wear it near your nose, you will not be sorry.   My favorite HawaiianContinue reading “White Ginger Breath”

Read “The Night Swim”

The Night Swim by Megan Goldin My rating: 5 of 5 stars Beautifully crafted and deeply moving, this is a story for our times, and hopefully, we will all learn from its brave protaganists Rachel Krall and Hannah Stills. The dialogue is artfully woven between scripts of Rachel’s podcast (in a different font) and theContinue reading “Read “The Night Swim””

I just endure

I just endure she says blithely to an empty room, testing the sound before she writes it down. Invisible injuries, intimate betrayals hurt like the physical searing, nestled-in lingering pain of broken bones Will her legacy be a lifetime of word craft or days misspent on the whiny tidbits tucked in that lonely smart girl’sContinue reading “I just endure”

The Vapid Magician

Heavy ham fisted sleight of hand Asked to unsee the visible See the unseen The vapid magician elicits oohs and aahs from the willfully ignorant Governance is a tawdry sham Over-coiffed Under-principled He is stealing you blind And you lap it up in the darkness and hear only lies. Prestidigitation Nation It’s ripe, pick it.Continue reading “The Vapid Magician”

What’s in a name?

When I was born, I was given my father’s last name.  My first name belonged to an Empress, but that did not make me powerful – it is at the top of my resume, stating the necessary gender.  When I married, I had already lived 26 years with this name.  It has been engraved on name plates, creditContinue reading “What’s in a name?”

Aunt Mary’s Mask

My Aunt Mary and Dolly Parton had something in common; they never left home without their “war paint” on.  Pond’s cold cream and Oil of Olay – goop on, goop off.   Gluing on false eyelashes and curling the ones she had, applying foundations, powder for the shiny spots, rouge to add color to the cheeks she justContinue reading “Aunt Mary’s Mask”

Go collect your rubles, Troll, Part 2

They are not talking to me now. Because I questioned their understanding of just who their enemies are. Fox Media had convinced them there was a caravan of terrorists walking – walking – to the U. S. border from various South American countries. I said that was not true. They dismissed me as a Pollyanna.Continue reading “Go collect your rubles, Troll, Part 2”

Where do you store your grief?

What body part stores my grief? I dunno, maybe it’s my feet.  By best friend Bernice has a theory about injuries and maladies.  That they illustrate a spiritual need that’s not being met.  So, I keep breaking/wounding my feet and ankles these last few months.  Go ahead, find the parallel, the symbolism of foot problems while Sheltering In Place.  I’llContinue reading “Where do you store your grief?”