The Vapid Magician

Heavy ham fisted sleight of hand

Asked to unsee the visible

See the unseen

The vapid magician elicits oohs and aahs from the willfully ignorant

Governance is a tawdry sham



He is stealing you blind

And you lap it up in the darkness and hear only lies.

Prestidigitation Nation

It’s ripe, pick it.

Tables down, it’s First Class

And you lean in, and you lean back

Mealsnax arrive with white linen napkins and silverware

It’s a real knife

Because in real life,

The rich are not suspected

They get re-elected and each time

It’s for life.

Published by Ms. C. G. Tripp

Catherine G. Tripp, Writer/Investor a lifelong mix. Left brain and right brain battle for dominance. I wrote the marketing materials for my mortgage brokerage, had a personal finance column at, wrote essays, short stories and poems published in school papers and magazines then literary journals. If my writings were a color, they would be yellow, bright as sunlight, highlighting the salient portions, not obscuring the past but deconstructing air brushed stories, finding humor and courage in the unloved corners.

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